Problem: Every company cannot visit every college campus.

There are so many companies and there are even more colleges in India.

Competition is tough.

A student can give interviews in only a limited number of companies.

All students deserve equal opportunities irrespective of which college/city they come from.

OUTSTANDING candidates from small towns should not lose out to ORDINARY candidates from large cities.

What if there was a platform where a student could interview with every company in India?

PDF Resume: Are we all not more than that?

PDF/Paper resume is a globally accepted resume format.

But, it doesn’t tell anything about us a person. It doesn’t tell about our abilities, communication skills, personality, attitude, etc. We are more than our resumes. Our story needs to be told.

In today’s digital world, when everything has moved to Smartphone, where we can order food, book cabs, movies, read the news, the RESUME is still on paper.

There’s a need to bring resumes to Smartphone.

Autogram is the new format of Resume that we have introduced.

You are more than your Resume.

Impressive Autogram Resume

Introduce yourself in a Video.

Are you a musician, an artist or a designer? You can upload your Portfolio too.

Are you good at speaking French or German? You can upload your Language skills too.

There are 10+ companies recruiting through Autogram. We plan to have 50+ in next 6 months. Get a chance to interview at the top companies directly through Autogram app.

Practice the interviews in an audio-visual manner as many times as you want before you go for an actual one.

Do you get rejected in an interview often? Improve your skills. See your growth visually over time.

Campus Recruitment 2016-17 successfully completed

Campus Recruitment 2016-17 successfully completed.

A leading financial services company called Capital First Limited used Autogram to recruit graduate trainees from over 100 colleges in 23 locations in India already in just a month’s time.

3 Job Profiles

More than 45 students got placed through Autogram from 23 cities.

Autogram helped a student from Karnal to get a job in Delhi.

Campus Recruitment 2017-18 Register Now!

Last year we did our first program with 1 company. 45+ students got placed.

This year, we have tie-ups with 10+ companies in India. We plan to get another 50 companies in next 1 month for this year's placement.

If you are a Final Year Student, you can start making your Autogram Profile and practice the interviews, so that when the campus recruitment program starts, you can start applying.

We will help you improve your personality, interview skills and eventually get a job..

Join us now. Be a part of our Autogram Community.

Companies on Autogram

Capital First Limited
Career Launcher
Kredent Group
India Infoline
Edelweiss Capital
Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance
Commdel Consulting
Commdel Consulting

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