What is Autogram?

Autogram is a new generation, Smartphone friendly resume. It is an audio visual resume and digital recruitment platform.

"Glorious Brand Experience and Engagement : Show and Tell how good you are as a place of work. "

Good candidates are rarely in the market and when they are, it is for a very short duration. These candidates need to be treated like customers. They need to be told your brand and company story, unique culture and reasons for success of your company. Your CEO or leaders can tell the story in digital video on mobile. This new approach is mobile first, and offers a glorious digital brand experience to engage and attract top candidates.

"Anytime - Anywhere Decision Making "

Autogram’s digital interviews allow candidates to record text, audio and video responses – any time of day or night, anywhere from Mumbai to Coimbatore – using their smart phone. No Scheduling required.
The responses are saved in the cloud, and then can be reviewed by decision-makers at their convenience – anytime, anywhere. This removes all hassles of scheduling, travel and leads to substantial time and cost savings.

"Quick Screening and Hiring "

Good candidates are rarely in the market and when they are, it is for a very short duration. They need to be attracted, screened and made offers fast. Autogram has created proprietary Skill-Screens to assess the skills and personality traits that are best suited for each job. Candidates have already created their Autograms for each job profile in advance. These include “real work scenario” questions, oddball questions to test creativity and many more. Decision makers get an Audio-Visual insights into the attributes that matter viz. attitude, communication skills, cultural fit or teamwork.
This helps decision-makers assess them faster and attract the best candidates quicker.