About Us

Nurturing and Connecting Talent with Opportunities

We strive to improve the Employability of the job-seekers using Mentors-Network and Technology. We help companies hire excellent candidates while saving 70% Hiring Costs and Time with our innovative SaaS Platform.

Our Story

It was a few years back when Ajay Sharma, an IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus and Autogram’s Co-Founder, was in need to hire an excellent Graphics Designer for their start-up company in Kolkata. They were using the conventional hiring process with little luck. One day a young Designer from Santipur, a Tier 4 city located 60 miles from Kolkata, arrived for the interview. With excellent academic records and skills, Ajay and his team were more than happy to have found good talent when all hope was lost.

It was then that they realized the untapped talent that exists in such Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities, unknown to the Hiring Managers of fast-paced companies such as them. While the companies invested a vast amount of their valuable time and resources to connect with the right candidates, these hidden gems were being overlooked.

Shortly after that, Ajay Sharma and Aditya Barelia, IIT Kharagpur Alumnus and Autogram’s Co-Founder & CEO, were brainstorming over a cup of coffee. They came up with this brilliant idea- to create an online platform powered by Artificial Intelligence that aids students, job-seekers and recruitment managers alike!

Regardless of their location, job-seekers could showcase their personality via Video Resume and have 1-way Video Interviews with the employers.

Thus, Autogram was founded in the year 2017.

How we evolved?

The original idea evolved with time. A need to bridge the skills gap emerged. Thus, we introduced a Career Grooming Platform that helps students prepare for job interviews and crack them with the help of industry mentors.

Candidates can practice Mock Interviews on our digital video interview platform and get detailed feedback report for improvement.

We also aid colleges to reach 100% Campus Placements by providing an innovative skill assessment and development platform for its students.

Striving to curb the hiring challenges faced by fellow Recruitment Managers, we work diligently to find effective hiring solutions.

Autogram has developed the AI-powered SaaS model with 1-Way Video Interview Technology which allows companies to hire better and faster. Our all-in-one Screening Platform helps save 70% of Hiring Cost and Time of the companies.

What we are today?

Successfully groomed and helped over 5000 candidates to get hired

More than 50+ Companies trust Autogram for their Hiring Needs

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