What is Autogram?

Autogram is a new generation, Smartphone Resume.

It is an Audio Visual Resume and Digital Recruitment Platform.

Candidates make their written cv, video profile, audio profile along with their portfolio in Autogram app.

Companies can screen and evaluate the digital interviews through web and app interface, without the need to visit colleges.

Companies get access to students from all our campus partners on one single platform.

One stop Solution

Candidates, from any place or institute, should be able to SHOW and TELL how good they are and get their dream job.
OUTSTANDING candidates from small towns should not lose out to ordinary candidates from large cities.

Campus Recruitment Solution

Every year companies visit multiple colleges in multiple locations to recruit students.

Companies not only incur cost in the whole logistics process but also loses money in terms of time went into recruiting.

Companies lose out on good talents from remote colleges.

Autogram helps you brand your company to students across the country.

With Autogram, companies get access to students from all the colleges on one single platform. They can screen video resumes, ask video questions through Digital Interview Platform.

Companies get access to our proprietary database of skill based questions.

No travelling/scheduling. required.

Saving time & money, thus drastically improving the quality and speed of hiring.

Companies - Glorious Brand Experience and Engagement

Show and Tell how good you are as a place of work.

Good candidates are rarely in the market and when they are, it is for a very short duration. These candidates need to be treated like customers.

They need to be told your brand and company story, unique culture and reasons for success of your company.

Autogram helps you brand your company to students across the country.

Your CEO or leaders can tell the story in digital video on mobile. This new approach is mobile first, and offers a glorious digital brand experience to engage and attract top candidates.

Advantage Autogram

Screening applicants could never be easier

Timed Audio-Video Interviews

Screen Visually based on desired skills

Beta Launch successfully completed

The Product has been tested and launched.

A leading financial services company used Autogram to recruit candidates from over 100 colleges in 23 locations in India already in just a month’s time.

3 Job Profiles

More than 40 students got placed through Autogram from 23 cities.

More than 20 hiring managers of the company used Autogram Web Platform to screen the video interviews sitting in their respective locations.

Autogram helped them save a lot of money and time.

Campus Recruitment Proposal

Currently we have tie-ups with 100+ colleges in India. We plan to tie-up with another 100 colleges in the coming month.

We want to be your Campus Recruitment Partner for this year and help you recruit from colleges across the country without the need to travel to the campus.

We will help you with your branding, pre-placement talk, sourcing, screening and interview process (end-to-end).

Would like to give your team a demo of the full product.

Contact Us for a Demo

Mobile: +918420033993