About Us:

Autogram was started by IIT-KGP and IIM-A alumni in 2017. It is an HR Technology platform that helps students in Resume Building, Mock Video Interviews, and Placements by providing them with the right opportunities. Since our inception, Autogram has groomed 20000+ students from 300+ institutes in India. 40+ companies are using Autogram to hire people in and outside India. Last year Capital First Limited, a large NBFC, recruited 200+ students through Autogram.

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HR Recruiter

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Job Description:

Understanding sourcing & market/competition. Detailed understanding of different job descriptions for various job roles in different client companies. Working with recruitment agencies to source for candidates for specific job positions. Candidate Sourcing/Screening by utilizing various channels. Reviewing resumes, Autogram profiles, and applications. Closing the requirements within timelines and ensuring that the assigned target is met. Conducting & Scheduling recruitment interviews and providing the necessary inputs during the hiring process for client companies. Excellent communication.



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