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Karvy is a financial services company headquartered in Hyderabad, India.[1] Karvy Group is one of the leading financial services conglomerates. Headquartered in Hyderabad, it offers a range of financial services including stock broking, distribution of financial products, depository participant, commodities broking, wealth management, and more. It is ranked among the top five in the country across its business segments. Other than India, it also has a presence in Bahrain, Dubai, Malaysia, Philippines and the United States

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System Security/AV Engineer

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1) Trend Micro Deep Security Management System: Configure Intrusion Prevention/Network Intrusion Prevention System: Investigate changes on the network using file integrity monitoring, apply new policies to new computer/servers entering the network environment using Trend Micro Enterprise Manager. 2) 3 Configured Trend Micro Office Scan: Configured Permissions, Cluster Resources, and updated nodes. 3)Configured and troubleshot Trend Micro software. Agentless security for the virtual date center. 4) Trend Micro deep security virtual appliance integration with v center. 5) Agent less first level solutions, Agent less network level solution for other APIs (IDS/IPS/web application protection, application control, firewall). 6)TrendMicro integration with vshield and other APIs. .Agent based log inspection. 7) TrendMicro Portal protect for Microsoft SharePoint. Deep security for webapps. 8) Trend Micro skillset on: Deep Security Manager, Deep Security Agent on different OS, (Deep Security Virtual Appliance, Deep Security Filter Driver, Installation Basic Components, on cloud, vmware, v shield, Deep Security Manager User Interface. 9) Maintaining Trend Micro Antivirus server. 10) Managing the worldwide install able of Trend Micro. 11) Implementing Deep Security, by Trend Micro, to manage the security of our servers from the host level, rather than on each individual server. 12) Batch script that deployed this software to each server remotely, completing the install in the background, virtually transparent to the clients themselves. 13) Configure, support and evaluate security tools.



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