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Autogram was started by IIT-KGP and IIM-A alumni in 2017. It is an HR Technology platform that helps students in Resume Building, Mock Video Interviews, and Placements by providing them with the right opportunities. Since our inception, Autogram has groomed 20000+ students from 300+ institutes in India. 40+ companies are using Autogram to hire people in and outside India. Last year Capital First Limited, a large NBFC, recruited 200+ students through Autogram.

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Mock Interview | Pre-Placement Interview Tool

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Mock Interview Details:

Do you have a job interview coming up and not sure about the preparation? Take Autogram Mock Interview to evaluate your interview skills. Get more realistic interview experience of facing the interview that to sitting at home. Assess your suitability for over 20 coveted job roles. Using the latest machine learning and Artificial Intelligence technology, Autogram Mock Interview tells you about your personality, communication skills, language skills and much more. With feedback around your facial expressions, posture and your answers to the questions, we give you a comprehensive feedback on your weak and strong areas to improve. What are you waiting for? Get assessed and improve!