About Us:

Autogram was started by IIT-KGP and IIM-A alumni in 2017. It is an HR Technology platform that helps students in Resume Building, Mock Video Interviews, and Placements by providing them with the right opportunities. Since our inception, Autogram has groomed 20000+ students from 300+ institutes in India. 40+ companies are using Autogram to hire people in and outside India. Last year Capital First Limited, a large NBFC, recruited 200+ students through Autogram.

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Campus Placement Research Analyst

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Choose 5 companies of your choice. Research on the following: ● The roles they hire for from campuses. ● The colleges they visit for campus hiring. ● The detailed recruitment process in campus hiring. ● The kind of questions they ask in the interviews for those roles. ● The typical salary they offer for those roles. ● How can Autogram make their campus placement process better? Submit your research work in a pdf format.